How to Know What Career God Wants for You

Discerning God’s plan for your career path and purpose can often feel like an overwhelming task. With so many options and pressures to consider, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and doubt your ability to determine the direction that is truly right for you.

However, taking time for spiritual reflection and gaining clarity on your unique talents, passions, and life experiences can help reveal the answers you seek. That’s where intuitive career coaching comes in.

As a spiritual life coach, I work with clients through practices like guided journaling, visualization exercises, and thoughtful discussion to help uncover their calling and discover careers that align with God’s will for their lives. My goal is to provide a supportive environment where you feel empowered and confident in following the path laid out for you.

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Have Faith in God’s Guidance

We can take comfort in knowing that God created each of us uniquely, with our own blend of talents, personality, and life experiences. He does not want us to feel lost or unsure of our purpose. God desires that we find work that is fulfilling and allows us to use our gifts to serve others.

While His plan is not always obvious, we can trust that God will reveal it to us through prayer, meditation, and opening our hearts to listen for His voice. Regular prayer and reflection help attune us to His guidance. In quiet moments, ask God to show you snippets of your path or impress feelings, ideas and insights upon your mind and soul. Have faith that as you maintain spiritual practices and an attitude of listening, God’s will shall be made clear.

Listen for God’s Voice Through Reflection

Take some time now to quiet your mind and open your heart. Breathe deeply and invite God’s presence. 

Recall a time you felt most fulfilled or “in your element” – what were you doing? What qualities or tasks gave you a sense of purpose and joy? Reflect on jobs, hobbies or ways you’ve served others that tapped into your strengths.

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Now picture your ideal work environment – what does it look like? Who are you helping or serving? What impact are you making? How does it feel emotionally, mentally and physically?

Notice any feelings, images or impressions that come to mind. Don’t judge them – your intuition may offer clues to careers aligned with your calling.

Thank God for this insight into your gifts and passions. Ask Him to continue revealing His plan for your life and to guide your path one step at a time. Have faith that as you stay open, answers will be made clear.

Taking reflective pauses like this during your regular routine can deepen your awareness of God’s vision for your career and purpose.

Tap into Your Spiritual Gifts and Passions

Spending focused time reflecting on your talents, interests and ways you naturally like to serve others can provide valuable insight into discerning your purpose. What skills or hobbies have you been naturally drawn to since childhood? What types of tasks or roles leave you feeling energized and satisfied after completing? Our God-given gifts and passions are clues pointing to careers that allow us to make the most meaningful impact.

Journaling is an important practice to identify what you’re really meant to do in life. Don’t try to answer these questions mentally – write them down and you’ll likely see much more information will come out of it.

As you prayerfully consider how you are uniquely wired and the ways you find joy in helping others, pay attention to any themes. These reflections, along with comments from trusted friends and family, can help illuminate your core strengths. Have confidence that the interests and talents drawing you in most strongly are likely areas where God wants you to focus your energy and efforts. Tuning into your gifts is an important part of understanding the work God is preparing you to do.

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Learn Through Life Experiences

While God uses spiritual practices like prayer and meditation to guide us, He also often speaks through the circumstances we encounter in life. The challenges you’ve overcome, the jobs or roles you’ve held in the past, even unexpected opportunities that come your way – all of these experiences contain valuable lessons if we pay attention.

Reflect on jobs that left you feeling unfulfilled or circumstances that didn’t seem to make sense at the time. With hindsight, can you now see how God was leading you away from certain paths or teaching you important lessons through difficulties? He doesn’t want us to feel stuck or on the wrong road long-term. Similarly, past roles that lit you up or allowed you to utilize your strengths in a meaningful way likely point to the types of careers God is calling you toward.

Have faith that even the winding roads of your life’s journey so far contained divine guidance to bring you to this moment of clarity. Your experiences, for better or worse, provide important clues when discerning your purpose and future career direction.

Use Intuitive Coaching Tools

While reflection and life experience provide valuable personal insight, intuitive career coaching takes the process a step further. Through tried and tested techniques, a coach can help guide you into a deeper level of clarity. Practices like journaling thoughts and feelings, visualization exercises, questioning, birth chart interpretation, analyzing your life path number in numerology, tarot card readings, and automatic writing help bring unconscious patterns, motivations and beliefs to light.

As an intuitive coach, I use these types of tools to work one-on-one with clients, helping them tap into their intuitive wisdom and gain a fuller picture of their talents, values and purpose. Coming from an objective perspective outside of your normal thought patterns, a coach can also hold you accountable to listening to and trusting the inner guidance that emerges through practices like understanding the spiritual messages in your astrology chart or the symbolic insights from tarot cards. My role is to support you as you explore your options from all angles through these intuitive methods, so you can make empowered career choices aligned with your true self and purpose.

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Find Support Through Community

Discerning your calling is a personal journey, but you don’t have to go it alone. Connecting with a community of others also seeking God’s guidance for work can boost your confidence in the decisions you arrive at. Consider joining the supportive subreddit r/GroupCareerCoaching where you can share reflections, get input from peers, and realize you’re not the only one navigating this process. Group coaching sessions are also offered, providing an encouraging environment to learn from others walking a similar path.

Have Faith in the Process

Discerning God’s plan may take time and patience as you work through self-reflection, gain clarity on your gifts and passions, and remain open to the guidance that emerges. Have faith that as you do the inner work with an open mind, the right career path and next steps will be revealed to you in God’s perfect timing. You don’t have to go through this alone – I’m available to walk alongside you every step of the way as your intuitive coach with one on one coaching, helping ensure you discover the fulfilling work the Lord has prepared for your life. The answers are within reach.

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