Intuitive Clarity Coaching Services

Good job!

You’re taking action! SO proud of you already. Just learning more about the services offered by Intuitive Clarity Coaching is a step in the right direction of tapping into your intuition to gain clarity on your life’s purpose.

As your coach, I can help you every step of the way to achieving your goals. There’s a 1:1 coaching option in which we’ll work face-to-face with another one on Zoom regularly based on schedule and desire. If you want to DO-IT-YOURSELF, you can coach yourself through the coaching program I’ve put together for people who want to identify their ideal work life.

For those who want the support of other people who are feeling similarly and working on themselves for a more purposeful, enjoyable life, there’s the Coaching Community. I am very active on it and help as much as possible along with the members. No matter the service you choose, the Coaching Community is a great addition to it.


1:1 Coaching


This is traditional coaching as most people know it, but it’s only available on Zoom.

By clicking on the Learn More button, you can learn more about what to expect during your session and book an appointment.

Payment is collected at the time of the session.

DIY Career Coaching


Many people decide they want to dive into the material we cover in 1:1 coaching on their own, and then if they need help, they can reach out.

This is a cost effective option for people who have a high level of determination and may not need the accountability of a coach.

You can learn more about the program available and purchase by clicking Learn More.

Group Career Coaching


Join the community for support, encouragement and help from many people, including me!

This is a FREE option for group career coaching, but isn’t as effective or in-depth as the other two types.

Many people combine group career coaching with either the 1:1 Spiritual Career Coaching or the DIY Career Coaching Program.

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